During the 40 years of experience, we have collected a very high level of expertise in customizing recording and quality monitoring solutions to fit your specific needs. Our team of highly experienced technicians and software engineers are able to advise, adapt and develop a solution to meet current and future customer requirements.



Have you already implemented a product and just need another opinion on functionality or system design? We can offer short-term technical consulting services to existing NICE users. Add our expertise to your project team by requesting assistance for a specific technical aspect or phase of your implementation

Enterprise Implementation Services—Identify and make the technical decisions required to implement recording solutions in your enterprise successfully with the help of our consultants who can help remotely, or onsite.


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2System Health Checks

Our health checks on products we provide can offer a comprehensive review of the existing recording platform and cover the evaluation of the fundamental elements that your system is dependent on to perform optimally. The results of the health check will be documented along with recommendations on best practices and will be presented to you for review.


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Product Installation and deployment

No one knows our products as well as we do.

We have a proven track record of many client implementations, including within some of the largest government and corporate institutions within the areas we serve. We strive to keep our partner’s and customers’ required resources to a minimum by excellent communication, planning & preparation. Our highly skilled and experienced implementation team provides project management, installation, configuration, test & acceptance, documentation and training services that fit your needs.

Word Systems product installation and deployment services facilitate the planning, deployment and configuration of the product/services that are purchased by our customers/vendors.


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4Customer Support Services

Our solutions have been designed to be highly robust and reliable to ensure business continuity and achieve compliance. Our highly skilled and experienced customer support team provides you with dependable, flexible and efficient support services:

  • Both onsite and remote installation/implementation of products and solutions offered by Word Systems.
  • Help desk
  • Remote technical support 24 x 7
  • On-site technical support 24 x 7
  • Spare parts management
  • Software Maintenance
  • Annual System Health Checks


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