Word Systems is a premier partner for NICE Systems, the industry leader in protecting people and assets. Our sales, implementation and technical support team have successfully implemented hundreds of projects since 1977. Solutions from NICE have helped our Public Safety and Contact Center customer’s capture, secure, manage, and share insights from their communications resulting in improved; processes, customer satisfaction, agent performance, and regulation compliance.

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Public Safety

Public safety solutions from NICE Systems provide 911 Centers, Police, Sheriff, and other dispatch/command-control centers with mission critical multi-channel communications logging systems. These specialized systems are designed to record telephone, text, and radio traffic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

integrated-911-and-p25-radioConsolidation Experts

NICE Systems is helping Accelerate Development of Next Generation 9-1-1 as a member of the NENA Next Generation Partner Program. NICE brings extensive experience with Next Gen 9-1-1-ready solutions to the NENA Program.

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  • Articles and interviews with industry experts
  • More about Nice & Next Gen 9-1-1
  • Nice Inform Data Sheet
  • Case Studies

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Contact Center

Voice and Data recording solutions from NICE Systems for:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Utilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education

These NICE Voice & Data recording systems provide valuable insight to improve processes, customer satisfaction, agent performance, and regulation compliance.

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Interaction Analytics

NICE Interaction Analytics is a cross-channel analytics platform that uses speech analytics, call flow analytics, desktop analytics, application usage analysis, email and online chat analysis to provide a unified view of these diverse communication channels and extract the insights hidden within customer interactions. Leveraging these insights, companies are able to streamline operations, excite customers with an outstanding experience, and expand business value.

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  • Impact of Speech Analytics * Improving Call Handle Time
  • Quality Management * Workforce Management


Trending Technology white-papers available on:

  • Consultation Voice Recording Solutions Architecture
  • VoIP Recording Solutions
  • Large Multi-site Mixed Telephony Deployments
  • Virtualized Recording Systems
  • Hosted Recording Solutions & Multi-tenancy

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