Word Systems Wins Go Global Grant Award!

Here at Word Systems, we are happy to announce we were one of four GoGlobal grant recipients! On June 14th, we were recognized at the Indy Chamber’s Global Indy Breakfast to receive the grant.

The GoGlobal grant is funded by JP Morgan Chase, and targets mid-market companies. It was one of the first initiatives of the Metro Indy Global Trade and Investment Plan, a strategy developed to boost regional exports as well as foreign direct investment created in part by the Indy Chamber and partnered with the Brookings Institution and JP Morgan Chase.

We look forward to more developing news to come regarding Word System’s international growth.

Learn Quality Assurance & Improvement (QA/QI) Best Practices

9-1-1 QA Training Day Facilitated by:

Professional Trainers:

  • Sherrill Ornberg, ENP, RPL – Foundation QA Director, former PSAP director, past president of Illinois APCO
  • Eric Parry, ENP – National Emergency Number Association, Education Advisory Board Chair
  • Ryan Chambers – Former Communications Training Officer (CTO) from Greensboro, NC

When: Monday, September 18th 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: Aurora Police Department, 1200 E Indian Trail, Aurora, IL 60505 (Chicago area)

Cost: Free (limit of 4 people per agency), Lunch included!

The Denise Amber Lee tragedy in Florida in 2008 rocketed to the national attention because of the absolute perfect
storm of errors and mistakes made that day. This story was highlighted on Dateline NBC, Primetime 20/20, Dr. Phil,
Larry King, Good Morning Amber, and the Today Show. The resulting Denise Amber Lee Foundation was the driving
force behind the recently released, first ever, ANSI Standard for the Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality
Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). Five foundation board members were on the
national workgroup that crafted the document, including the workgroup Chair, Eric Parry and the author of the
scoring sheets, Sherrill Ornberg. Come and hear these two pioneers and architects of Quality Assurance best practices
and Ryan Chambers, the Foundation’s Director of Program Management as they inspire and motivate to create a
comprehensive quality assurance & improvement processes for your communications center.

PSAP professionals are invited to attend the complimentary 9-1-1 QA Training Day to learn best practices including:

  • The components of the QA/QI program and how to objectively evaluate the performance of public safety
    communications personnel no matter your agency’s size.
  • Why a consistent and effective QA/QI process is vital (legally and professionally) to your PSAP.
  • How to initially create and implement your QA/QI program to insure its success and the staff’s buy in.
  • How a QA/QI program will reduce employee turnover and boost their confidence and performance.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from Denise Amber Lee Foundation.


Register to Attend for Free at: https://911QATrainingDay.eventbrite.com


Download the Printable PDF here!

The Sparks Police Department

To Whom it may concern:

The Sparks Police Department (SPD) would like to acknowledge the professionalism of Word Systems Inc. employee James Magby for his outstanding work during the installation of iRecord.

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Interaction Analytics by NICE Systems

Thousands of calls, mails, chat sessions are received and processed by customer centers on daily bases. These try to understand the needs of the customers, their likes and dislikes. This knowledge makes a great impact on companies’ implementation, their effect on the market.

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NICE Systems

NICE Systems Ltd., including its subsidiary companies and partners, offers top quality solutions that allow security organizations and business entities to gain an understanding and valuable information from interrelations, deals and surveillance activity.

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Magnetic Tape Recording


The applying of magnetic tape necessary for sound recording traces its roots to 1930. With the development of music recording companies and radio broadcast companies magnetic tape has been also evolving.

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Sound recording

Sound recording and reproduction refers to a mechanical or electrical inscription and a process of sound waves re-creating, comprising sound effects, spoken voice, instrumental music or singing. Sound recording technology may be divided on two major types, which are analog recording and digital recording.

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