Digital video recorder

A digital video recorder, or DVR, is a term that defines a client electronics item or application program that may record video as a digital file to a USB drive, SD Card for data storage, disc storage.And it’s not the full list of the memory devices. This recorder also has another name – personal video recorder, or PVR, which is used in marketing in order to boost sales.

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Voice logging or telephone recording

Voice logging, also called telephone recording, is an appropriate procedure of systematical audio recording, generally conducted in business communication. As a rule, business radio channels and telephone lines are subject to recording. For business entities it is a method to reduce failures, make client service better, improve safety and keep records.

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Digital recording: What’s the Meaning

In digital recording, digital video and digital audio are straightforwardly recorded to a data storage item in the form of flow of discrete numbers that demonstrate the changes occurring in air pressure for audio, luminance values and chroma for video at a time. Consequently, an abstract template for the moving image or original sound should be done.

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Patient Flow Innovator Central Logic and Word Systems, Inc. Announce Strategic Healthcare Software Relationship

Transfer Center Call Recording Technology Increases Hospital Efficiency

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — October 10, 2011 — In a move to optimize patient flow transfer and phone call recording, storing, and retrieving technologies, Central Logic and Word Systems, Inc. announced a strategic relationship that increases communication and compliance efficiency for hospitals.

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New video system will help crime victims

Software uses Web cam to record statements away from police department

The new software, which utilizes a Web cam, will automatically transmit video feed from investigators’ laptop computers to the department’s newly purchased iRecord video system

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